Women's Heart Health

Changing Hearts By Empowering Women To Live Heart Healthy 

Symposium Co-Directors:

Lorrel Brown, M.D.- Cardiologist

Kendra Grubb, M.D., M.H.A.- Cardiovascular Surgeon

​and Keynote speaker:

Margo Minissian, PhD, ACNP, AACC, FAHA-Cardiology Nurse Practitioner-Barbara Streisand Women's Heart Center

Official home of the annual Louisville Symposium on Heart Disease in Women

We want to encourage you to educate yourself and fight the #1 killer of women, and we are here to help

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease, hypertension, and stroke, is the number one killer of women in the United States. Long thought to be a disease primarily affecting men, CVD kills more women than men on an annual basis and takes more lives each year than all cancers combined. In fact, more than 1 in 3 female adults has some form of CVD.
Although heart disease is a multifactorial, complex disorder, 80% is preventable. Both patient and professional education about the prevention, recognition, and treatment of heart disease in women is essential and must be promoted across all health care disciplines encountering women in their practice.

We want to provide everyone with life saving information on Cardiovascular Disease in women through this website, our social media, videos and events; including our annual event The Louisville Symposium on Heart Disease in Women.

After all, knowledge is a girl's best friend.